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Tired of Anxiety Impacting Your Day?

If you’re tired of anxiety impacting your day, our licensed therapists can help you work through the issues that cause and exacerbate your anxiety.

We understand that anxiety can feel like your body is always on high alert, and it can be overwhelming when it interferes with your daily life. But with our online therapy for anxiety, you can get to a place where you feel calmer and more in control.

Our therapists are trained to help you identify the root causes of your anxiety and develop strategies to manage and reduce its impact. We offer immediate availability and a safe, confidential online platform that allows you to connect with a licensed therapist from the comfort of your home.

Whether you experience anxiety in specific situations or it feels like a constant, unwanted companion, our online therapy can help you thrive. Our goal is to help you achieve a greater sense of well-being and live the life you want.

Take the first step towards managing your anxiety today by scheduling a free 15-minute consultation with one of our licensed therapists. They’ll work with you to determine if our online therapy for anxiety is the right fit for you. Don’t let anxiety control your life any longer.

Our Anxiety Therapists

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Feeling of tension in your chest. An overall sense of restlessness or waiting for the proverbial “shoe” to drop Feeling foggy-brained and having difficulties concentrating Catastrophizing with thoughts of worst-case scenarios Headaches Spiraling or ruminating on your anxieties and being unable to stop worrying about them. Sweaty palms Heavier breathing or more rapid breathing Irritability and reactivity Sleep problems, either falling or staying asleep

Looking for anxiety therapy in Seattle? We offer online anxiety counseling with our licensed mental health professionals. Many of our clients with anxiety are struggling with one or several of these anxiety presentations: Generalized anxiety disorder Social anxiety disorder Panic disorder High-functioning anxiety Performance anxiety Sleep Anxiety Anticipatory anxiety Anxiety neurosis Separation anxiety in adults Driving Anxiety

Anxiety can truly impact your ability to function in day-to-day life. If it is a constant unwanted companion and you notice more and more of your day is spent feeling anxious, it may be time to seek help. Another indicator of potentially needing support from a therapist is if your anxiety is impacting your ability to be social, engage with your family and friends, work, sleep, and feel anxious about a variety of topics that, logically speaking, you don’t think you should be worried over. In therapy, you can learn more about what thoughts and behaviors contribute to your anxiety and discover new behaviors and ways to approach it. With Talk. Heal. Thrive. Our therapists come to psychotherapy treatments from a stance of being both trauma-informed (how have negative or traumatic experiences impacted your emotions and responses today) as well as from a somatic therapy approach (where are you feeling things in your body when circumstances, interactions, and feelings come up, i.e., "body psychotherapy").