Can Divorce Therapy Help You Thrive After a Split?

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Do you feel like your world has been turned upside down after divorce?

It doesn’t matter whether you initiated the divorce from your partner or it came as a heartbreaking shock full of conflict. One thing remains true: divorce is a life transition that packs a punch of challenging emotions and overwhelming stress.

While it may feel impossible now, thriving during your divorce and beyond is possible. With the support of a qualified divorce therapist, you can equip yourself with tools and techniques to heal, thrive, and move towards a life you love.

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What is Divorce Therapy?

Divorce therapy can help individuals, couples, or families manage the vast array of emotional and logistical challenges throughout the divorce process.

It doesn’t only begin after the papers are signed, and the divorce is final. Therapy can guide you through every phase of divorce, from deciding to divorce to adjusting to life after the separation.

Benefits of Therapy to Help You Thrive During and After Divorce

Divorce therapy can help you understand and process the wide range of feelings you are experiencing and can help you learn more about yourself. Other benefits include:

  • Develop coping strategies to manage stress, shame or self-criticism, and other negative emotions
  • Receive neutral feedback and explore circumstances from multiple perspectives
  • Support for your teen or young children to cope with change, help rebuild relationships, and promote healing
  • Rediscover yourself outside of how you identified as part of a couple
  • Redefine what you want out of life and your future

Therapeutic Techniques for Divorce Therapy

At Talk. Heal. Thrive., the approach to divorce therapy comes from a trauma-informed and somatic therapy lens. A trauma-informed approach explores how negative experiences impact your emotions, and somatic therapy explores where you feel things in your body when various feelings bubble up.

Within this framework, some of the therapeutic modalities and techniques we use are:

  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT): DBT is a form of talk therapy that helps people better understand intense emotions and behaviors. It focuses on accepting the reality of one’s life, changing unhelpful behaviors, and learning how to manage and regulate emotions.
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR): EMDR uses specific eye movements that can help you process and heal from a traumatic experience. It’s most commonly used for PTSD but proves effective in treating many other mental health conditions.
  • Internal Family Systems (IFS): As a form of psychotherapy, IFS focuses on self-compassion and addresses sub-personalities within a person’s mental system to free memories and emotions.
  • Family of Origin Work: This method focuses on relational history to better understand one’s family history, environment, and experiences that shape a person’s sense of self in adulthood. The goal is to identify and challenge unhealthy patterns, beliefs, and coping mechanisms to improve relationships and emotional well-being.

Your divorce therapist will work collaboratively with you to tailor methods and techniques to your specific goals. Divorce therapy will empower you with the tools to navigate this life transition and flourish on the other side of change.

Final Note

Divorce is heartbreaking and complex, but divorce therapy can help you process, heal, and prosper. Talk. Heal. Thrive is here to partner with you on your journey toward healing and self-rediscovery so you can create the best life possible.

If you’re looking for an online divorce therapist in Seattle, Washington, please don’t hesitate to reach out or book a 15-minute consultation today.

Lindsey Ferris, MS, LMFTA, Washington State

Talk. Heal. Thrive. therapist Lindsey Ferris is based out of Seattle, Washington working with clients via online divorce therapy who are navigating personal and relational challenges

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