Breaking Free: Recognizing and Overcoming Chronic Relationship Patterns

Relationships are an intricate tapestry of emotions, interactions, and connections. While they often bring joy and fulfillment, they can also lead us down paths of frustration and confusion. It’s not uncommon to find ourselves stuck in the same patterns over and over again, wondering why history seems to repeat itself. These patterns, known as chronicContinue reading “Breaking Free: Recognizing and Overcoming Chronic Relationship Patterns”

How Does Being Neurodivergent Affect Relationships?

As neurodivergent couples navigate their relationships, they are faced with unique challenges due to the fact that neurotypical social and communication norms may not always apply. Despite these potential obstacles, neurodivergent couples can have successful, fulfilling relationships by taking advantage of various strategies. Here are five ways in which being neurodivergent affect relationships and howContinue reading “How Does Being Neurodivergent Affect Relationships?”

Is Online Couples Therapy Really Worth the Money?

Often, there is this misconception that conflict is unhealthy. However, even the healthiest couples will have their ups and downs, experiencing various emotions, from happiness to excitement to anger and frustration and everything in between. It is essential to understand that conflict in relationships is not the problem but how it’s managed that causes aContinue reading “Is Online Couples Therapy Really Worth the Money?”