How Does Being Neurodivergent Affect Relationships?

As neurodivergent couples navigate their relationships, they are faced with unique challenges due to the fact that neurotypical social and communication norms may not always apply. Despite these potential obstacles, neurodivergent couples can have successful, fulfilling relationships by taking advantage of various strategies. Live in Washington State and interested in Neurodivergent Couples Therapy? Here areContinue reading “How Does Being Neurodivergent Affect Relationships?”

What is Betrayal Trauma and How Does it Impact You

Betrayal trauma can be rooted in abandonment challenges or violation of attachment to another person. Trauma can have elements that impact all or some of a person’s ability to feel emotionally safe, physical safety, and other well-being indicators. This can happen in childhood with your family of origin (FOO), or with your partner or closeContinue reading “What is Betrayal Trauma and How Does it Impact You”