How Does Being Neurodivergent Affect Relationships?

As neurodivergent couples navigate their relationships, they are faced with unique challenges due to the fact that neurotypical social and communication norms may not always apply. Despite these potential obstacles, neurodivergent couples can have successful, fulfilling relationships by taking advantage of various strategies. Live in Washington State and interested in Neurodivergent Couples Therapy? Here areContinue reading “How Does Being Neurodivergent Affect Relationships?”

How Long Should You Stay In Therapy With The Same Therapist?

You might be in therapy for a while (and that’s okay)! But there comes a time in everyone’s journey when they need to reassess if their current therapist is the right fit. When it comes to therapy, there are no set guidelines on how long you should stay with the same therapist. If you’re likeContinue reading “How Long Should You Stay In Therapy With The Same Therapist?”