What Are The Benefits Of Mindfulness?

We encounter this word nearly every day, at work, on social media, and in our daily lives: mindfulness. Whether it’s influencers on Instagram talking about “being present” or athletes discussing their meditation habits. Even elementary school students are learning and practicing yoga as a way to regulate their behaviors. Mindfulness encourages all of us toContinue reading “What Are The Benefits Of Mindfulness?”

What Does It Mean If You Gaslight Yourself?

Do you sometimes feel like your own worst enemy? You may be gaslighting yourself without even realizing it. Gaslighting is a form of emotional abuse in which one person manipulates another in order to make them doubt their own reality and sanity. It happens in relationships, but it can also happen when we are ourContinue reading “What Does It Mean If You Gaslight Yourself?”

What Are The First Signs Of Depression?

Are you feeling down and struggling to find a reason – or the energy– to get out of bed in the morning? Could it be a sign of depression? It’s normal for everyone to experience sadness occasionally, but if it has gone on for weeks without any relief then it could be something more. DepressionContinue reading “What Are The First Signs Of Depression?”

How Do I Keep Imposter Syndrome From Holding Me Back In My Tech Job Or As An Entrepreneur?

If you’ve ever sat back and wondered why someone thinks so highly of you, you may be suffering from imposter syndrome. Did you know? Tech industry employees have one of the highest rates of imposter syndrome, with 58% of designers, programmers, analysts, and entrepreneurs experiencing it at one point or another in their careers. EvenContinue reading “How Do I Keep Imposter Syndrome From Holding Me Back In My Tech Job Or As An Entrepreneur?”

Sneaky Indicators of Social Anxiety (Social Phobia)

Often social anxiety gets mistaken for shyness in social situations. However, it is much more robust than shyness, and often shyness isn’t even present in someone with a social anxiety disorder. It is even as complex as appearing sociable and outgoing. Social Anxiety can drive your friendliness, only to haunt you after the interactions withContinue reading “Sneaky Indicators of Social Anxiety (Social Phobia)”