What Are The Benefits Of Mindfulness?

We encounter this word nearly every day, at work, on social media, and in our daily lives: mindfulness. Whether it’s influencers on Instagram talking about “being present” or athletes discussing their meditation habits. Even elementary school students are learning and practicing yoga as a way to regulate their behaviors. Mindfulness encourages all of us toContinue reading “What Are The Benefits Of Mindfulness?”

3 Strategies For More Self-Compassion

We’ve all had them, those moments where something goes wrong, and we’re wholly unkind to ourselves and lack having self-compassion. Maybe you’re late to pick up your child, or you forgot someone’s birthday, or something else (an event, an appointment) completely slips your mind. Or, you fail a test you should have passed or didn’tContinue reading “3 Strategies For More Self-Compassion”

How To Stop Second Guessing Yourself

Do you ever feel like your inner voice is holding you back and you second guess and doubt yourself often? Like no matter what decision or path you take, there’s a little nagging doubt in the back of your mind. That sense of “what if” that keeps calling for second-guessing can be mentally and emotionallyContinue reading “How To Stop Second Guessing Yourself”

Recognizing Signs of Too Much Self-Criticism and Ways to Break the Cycle

Everyone experiences negative thoughts about themselves and self-criticism from time to time. If these feelings and thoughts begin to become more frequent, overwhelming, and impact your overall sense of well-being, it could be a sign that you’re being overly critical of yourself. This is an important issue to address, as too much self-criticism or shamingContinue reading “Recognizing Signs of Too Much Self-Criticism and Ways to Break the Cycle”