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Depression Can Feel Like a Heavy, Cold, Wet Blanket

Does it seem like your past, present, and future feel more negative as if you are viewing your life through dirt-smeared glasses?

Do you find yourself feeling more shame and self-criticism than self-compassion and kindness?

You can get help with depression therapy to work though the issues and topics that may be causing your depression, or impacting it.

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Depression can lead to a variety of symptoms in both mind and body, such as:

  • Feeling sad and weepy

  • Appetite patterns changing

  • Irritability and a short fuse

  • Increased anxiety feelings

  • Negative outlook on life (past, present, and future)

  • Feeling exhausted and tired all the time

  • Sense of worthlessness, accompanied by shame and self-criticism

  • Noticeable increase in indecisiveness

  • Not finding joy in things you used to find joy in

  • Body aches and pains that are not explained by something else

  • Suicidal Ideation or thoughts of death.

Depression can impact your mental health significantly, as well as your relationships, work, or school. Depression is often something you feel throughout your whole body, and it’s as though someone put a negative filter over your life. Depression Therapy can help you work through what is going on for you and gain coping tools and more insight about yourself as you navigate your depression.